BBNaija: Drama as Phyna forces her way to kiss Groovy; Chichi, Ilebaye clash over same Groovy [Videos


Groovy has struggled to decide which lady to stay with since his love interest, Beauty, left the house.

Groovy is unquestionably the Man of the Season, with Amaka, Phyna, Chomzy, and Ilebaye at his disposal.

The Saturday party last night featured relationship drama as housemates attempted to form a ship.

Groovy and Phyna, his go-to person since Beauty left the house, had another intimate moment after the party.

The two were seen passionately kissing in front of other housemates, which was obviously initiated forcefully by Phyna who appeared intoxicated.

Meanwhile, Chichi and Ilebaye’s Saturday Night Party got off to a rocky start. After an altercation with Chichi in the Garden, Ilebaye was seen crying on Chomzy’s shoulder. Chichi was annoyed by Ilebaye’s request that Groovy dance with Phyna instead of Chichi.

The two were seen dancing together, and according to Chichi, Ilebaye interrupted their dance and aggressively pushed her away, which she did not like.

They left the Party Room to discuss the problem with Groovy in the Garden. Chichi refused to accept Ilebaye’s apology and instead called him a jerk. She was upset by this and walked away crying. Chomzy came in to save the day and comforted her.

She told Chomzy that she is not ready to leave the House because of her nomination.

Her goal is to make it to the top five and she is perplexed as to why Chichi did not accept her apology and called her a low-life.

Ilebaye seeking comfort from Chomzy was odd, given that she had previously told both Phyna and Amaka about her. She was telling them both that she doesn’t understand why Chomzy doesn’t like her and how she always looks her in the eyes when they meet.

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Ilebaye was seen dancing with Dotun, who eventually came to the Garden and consoled Ilebaye. “Between me and her, who is the low-life,” Ilebaye asked Dotun. “I am not a stripper,” she continued to add to Dotun. Is she insinuating that being a stripper makes Chomzy a low-life?

Chomzy left Ilebaye in Dotun’s hands and went to offer comfort to Chichi who kept going on about the altercation. She retold the story to Chomzy and called Ilebaye fake. “If you want to bring the fire, I will bring a storm,” she said.



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