7 Gorgeous Ankara gown styles and ideas on how to wear them


From accessories and purses to long and short Ankara gowns, Ankara designs have elevated fashion to a whole new level. It’s understandable why Ankara designs predominate on model Instagram accounts. However, the Ankara gowns are the most beautiful.

These artistic Ankara gowns are difficult to ignore with their gleaming, vivid, and eye-catching colors.

  • An elegant, form-fitting Ankara dress
An elegant, form-fitting Ankara dress
An elegant, form-fitting Ankara dress

 This dress stands out because it is largely monochromatic in appearance, with the exception of the top pattern, in contrast to many Ankara multicolored gowns. The sleek silhouette of this dress will draw attention to one’s hourglass figure and turn heads.

These gorgeous outfits and chic hairstyles are perfect for attending a wedding.

  • Flappy Sleeves Ankara Gown
Flappy sleeve Ankara Gown
Flappy sleeve Ankara Gown

If you appreciate class and creativity, you should go for it. This one-of-a-kind gown will make you shine with your trendy side. The flappy sleeves added a stylish touch to the dress and beautifully elevated and completed the entire ensemble. The waist belt complements the loose flappy sleeves brilliantly while also contouring the figure. The stunning blue and red Ankara gown is without a doubt a masterpiece in the Ankara gown world, especially with the fashion industry revolution; nothing looks more appealing when the traditional fashion of Ankara is mixed with the modern fashion.

  • Maxi-Style Ankara Gown

Maxi style Ankara Gown

Feel like a queen in this lavish royal blue Ankara dress.

The pricey cloth’s allure is increased by the intricate patterns on it. Additionally, the modest neckline will give the wearer a nice, refined appearance. Brilliant royal blues, greens, or purples at any time of year give your clothing a regal feel.

  • Long Flowy Green Ankara Gown
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Flowy Ankara Gown
Flowy Ankara Gown

The vibrant colors of designs in green and yellow will benefit you greatly when worn in the summer. Below the waist, this stunning Ankara dress has a flowy design that skillfully accentuates the long sleeves and distinctive neckline. In the spring, the dress’ floral motifs will also look lovely.

  • Purple Ankara One-Sided Off-Shoulder Gown

Searching for an Ankara dress that would give you a polished, professional appearance while still adding a lovely feminine touch?

This stunning Ankara dress deftly balances the slit with a one-sided off-shoulder and the floral and leafy patterns. You can pull off any red-carpet ensemble with this masterpiece and pencil heels.

  • Flowy Off-shoulder Ankara Gown


Flowy Off-shoulder Ankara Gown
Flowy Off-shoulder Ankara Gown

Any woman will look exotic in the long, flowy, off-shoulder Ankara gown. The off-shoulder design of this lovely garment gives you plenty of room to play with accessories like necklaces or large earrings, which is another reason to choose it.

  • Unique Neck-Design Fitted-Waist Ankara Gown


The Ankara gown continues to look fashionable and distinctive when the traditional blue color of the fabric is combined with the shade of brown.

The gorgeous gown is made even more alluring by the intricate patterns on the fabric and the distinctive neck design. The striking dress stands out without any jewelry.



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