Lady Who Had Two Organs Says She Regrets Taking Out One (Video)

Lady Who Had Two Organs Says She Regrets Taking Out One (Video)

A lady who identified as a former hermaphrodite has expressed regret for her actions.

The lady stated that she misses having both male and female private parts and that she has regrets about removing her male part.

Lady Who Had Two Organs Says She Regrets Taking Out One (Video)

Her post stated:

“I miss being an hermaphrodite. I regret getting rid of one. How do I even cope with this new life. This girl stuff is not for me.”

The post brought about so many reactions, some of which read:

@The Messenger: “Happiness is within, you weren’t happy then and you’re not happy now

@Bruda Brow: “the New you is so gorgeous though embrace it 😍😍

@✨🕊️Johnpaul🕊️✨: “you won’t chop breakfast again

@Jihad Fard Bilal-Bey: “you will get thru it just remember you are still you

@Tina “you shouldn’t regret your actions it’s for the best dear.

In a related news

A Nigerian lady has revealed her conversations with a man who is interested in starting a relationship with her.

The young man went right to the point about his intentions for her in the screenshots she shared on Twitter.

Social media users praised the young man for his straightforward approach to seeking a relationship.

He made his intentions clear to her during the chats, stating that he doesn’t like to beat around the bush.

He proceeded to reveal his genotype to her while expressing his desire to be in a relationship with the lady.




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